About ARCA Canada, Inc.

ARCA Canada sets the standard for safe and responsible appliance recycling in Canada.

Supported by thirteen years of experience and hundreds of thousands recycled appliances, ARCA's turnkey recycling programs have become vital to Canada's energy conservation efforts.

With a commitment to energy efficiency and using the latest technologies, ARCA Canada's programs maximize recycling materials and protect Canada's natural resources from damaging substances found in old appliances. 

ARCA's values and operating processes reflect a commitment to the environment and a dedication to customer satisfaction:

  • ARCA Canada is not in the business of used appliance sales. Selling energy-inefficient used appliances is not compatible with our mission of energy conservation.

  • ARCA oversees recycling procedures and ensures the procedures adhere to the highest standards of federal, provincial, and municipal regulations.

  • ARCA Canada is committed to local economic development through local job creation and establishing business relationships with community vendors. We also maintain a  community presence through holding community drives and promoting causes that benefit society.